Wholesale FFP2 Face Masks UK

Wherever you are a hospital, pharmacy, care home, council or any other business we are here to delivery your required amount of respiratory FFP2 masks within a few days.

We supply to:

• Authorities

• Municipalities

• Doctors

• Hospitals

• Schools

• Kindergartens

• Pharmacies

• Retirement homes

• Aid organizations

We usually have always a larger amount of FFP2 masks in stock here in the UK; ready to be delivered. But in the event that we have a limited supply, we can ship within a few days a higher quantity of face masks from our German warehouse or direct from the factory.

To speed things up, we usually ship by air freight to guarantee the quickest time of shipment.

With over millions of respiratory FFP2 face masks already sold in German, we know how to deliver efficiently your order to your doorsteps within a few days.


We are one of the best wholesale FFP2 face mask distributor here in the UK. Our FFP2 face masks are tested and certified ready to be sold in the UK and offering the highest level of comfort and quality.

Please get in contact with us, if you like to buy larger quantities.